Rolling it out… 10 pole blogs that I love!

Finally.. after months of procrastination, I’ve created a blogroll!

And immediately after putting it up, I realised how astoundingly convenient it is to have a list of working links to my favourite blogs all in once place. Now why the hell didn’t I just do that in the first place instead of keeping all those extra bookmarks on my work terminal, my iPad, and my iPhone??!

I love reading about pole almost as much as I love practicing it, and I love finding out about the dancer/blogger herself as much as I enjoy the actual blogs.

I have to say though, there seems to be quite a shortage of active personal pole blogs in blog-land. Really, I’ve been looking! There are hundreds and thousands of ballet blogs, jazz blogs, ballroom blogs, modern dance blogs, salsa and tango blogs, but far fewer on pole.

What I consider to be a good personal pole blog is that it is written by a real person, with real personality, and is updated regularly. No outdated compilations of pole-related news clippings or random articles generated by spam bots, thank you!

Here are just 10 of the pole blogs featured from my blogroll that I happen to enjoy, in no particular order!

(Some are polers who blog: Instructors or other pole professionals, who have ‘dedicated pole blogs’ of tips and lessons that have other pole dancers / students would find extremely useful. And some are bloggers who pole: non-professionals who may also blog about other topics but have a passion for pole.)

1) Aerial Amy is written by Amy Shi, a pole instructor in NYC and she somehow manages to blog every. Single.. DAY! (well ok, Mon-Fri.. cos girl needs a break, yo.) She has a way of hitting pole issues right on the nail and includes super useful pole trick tutorials which I mostly file away in my head for that day in the future when I’ll actually have enough strength to try them.

Since I subscribe by email, her posts are frequently the first thing I read in the morning once I open my eyes. Try it: Instead of hitting the ‘snooze’ button, reach for you phone and start the day with a pole-related blog post. Works for me!

2) Express the Sensual could also be called “Deliciously, Toe-curlingly, Sensual, with a Capital Sssss”.

When I first discovered it late one night, I spent two and a half hours going through the whole archives! It’s just about everything I ever dreamed of reading in a pole blog, and then some! Yannori is also a pole instructor and is empowering to the point that I swear I can sometimes hear “I’m Every Woman… it’s all in Meeeeee’ playing in my head as I read through her old posts. These days, she’s busy being an advanced yoga instructor too and so doesn’t post as often as I wish she would, but when she does… I drop whatever I’m doing and slurp it up. *Sssssslluuuurrrrpp!*

3) Pole Skivvies is actually a leading brand of pole clothing, but I love reading the blog that’s also written by its creator, Jennifer. My favourite feature of her blog is that she regularly interviews real-life dancers: whether world champion pole dancers, fellow pole enthusiasts, and new pole students from all over the world, it’s an incredible insight to how varied and yet how similar the world of pole can be.

4) The Pole Story‘s author is now also officially a book author! Claire Griffin Sterrett just published ‘Pole Story, Essays on the power of erotic dance’ and if it’s anything like her fabulously-written blog posts about the empowering nature of erotic dance for women, it’ll probably blow you away. If you’re curious about what getting certified as a pole dance instructor might be like, (and if you are as many light years away as I am from ever finding out) you’ll enjoy her posts on her certification experience as much as I did.

5) Meagan from She-Beast just won first place in a major pole competition and no it’s wonder! Just reading about how seriously she trains is super-duper inspiring and gives mere mortals a sneak peak into the mind of a pole champion. If you’re about to go into your first competition, her tips will probably be extremely relevant to you as well.

6) Confessions of a Twirly Girl is a fun and open look into the life of the irrepressible Lolorashel who shares about her pole dancing adventures, pets, health, weight, friends, with lots of lovely candid photos and videos.

7) Climb and Spin is written by pole ‘educators’ who offer instructor certification, so they really know what they’re talking about when it comes to nutrition, hydration, and safety issues which are super relevant to pole.

8 ) Bad Kitty is actually a website that sells pole-related merchandise but also features a host of guest writers on their blog. The owners are very supportive of the pole movement and I really love it when a man can extol the virtues of how poledancing is a lifestyle!

9) Holly’s blog The Pole Place is pretty new, but she’s already got a great collection of varied entries. One of my favourites is her own story about competition and jealousy. Usually when you have a group of women together doing anything, it’s an issue that’s often an unavoidable reality… which no-one really wants to talk about. So I really appreciated reading about it in a refreshingly honest light.

10) Sociology of Sheena might not be a pole blog per se, but damn when this girl writes about her pole experiences, it is Hot! Sheena’s reviews of the S-Factor studio where she dances at are so vivid, I just wish so much that I could be there in person!

Like I said, these are just 10 of the many pole blogs I enjoy. Do check out all the different ones on the full blogroll list if you love reading about pole too, and let me know if you have any others to recommend!



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20 Responses to Rolling it out… 10 pole blogs that I love!

  1. Thank you for the shout out beautiful. You are amazing and I consider you to be on my Pole Blog roll too! Also….my web designer is actually changing some things around on my site and there will be a “Pole” specific blog because I could write about it every day! Its coming soon and I’ll let you know when its up and running. Again, thank you. You are wonderful!

  2. meaganoff says:

    Chwenny!! Thank you for the blog rec!! I am so, so flattered. Totally blushing over here. I am really trying to get serious about doing 3 – 5 blog posts a week, so hopefully anyone who hops over to my site will have more content as we go forward.
    Adding your blog to my Google Reader right NOW! 😀

  3. Amy~* says:

    Thanks for the linkage Chwenny and the kind words! My last name isn’t shi though– that’s a vestige of my korean-ness =) Ssi or shi means “darling” in korean and so amyxshi was my username for everything when I was younger.

  4. Holly says:

    Thanks Chwenny! It means a lot to me that you mentioned that particular post of mine, because that experience is still very close to me and I’ve struggled with it for a long time. What a great list of blogs! Many of these are also my favorites, and what I’m not already subscribed to I’ll definitely check out!

    • Chwenny says:

      I think just about every person in the world could probably related to that post of yours actually. Oh yay, I’m glad you’re checking out the list of blogs.. Every single one is fabulous!

  5. Lori says:

    I’m so flattered to be included!!! I love reading your posts as well! Hey, I’d actually like to include you in a blog post. Interested in being interviewed? I can e-mail the questions over. 🙂

  6. Lori says:

    Thank you for the reminder…I’ve been meaning to put my own blog roll together…and you are all on it now! 🙂

  7. Jack Gaffney says:

    Hi Chwenny, thanks for the mention of the Bad Kitty Blog !! I would be the “man extolling” … LOL Any interest in writing some guest posts for Bad kitty ???

  8. Wow! Thanks for the mention Chwenny- and the kindness! It’s so cool to see a list of pole related blogs all in one place. I didn’t even know about some of these – definitely going to check them out. And I’m gonna list all these ladies on my blogroll/website links! xxoo

  9. Kira Lamb says:

    How cool! Thanks for listing the Climb & Spin Pole Dancer’s Blog as one of your faves. While I write most of the content, I’m lucky to have contributors such as Amira Lamb of Holistic Hottie who shares practical suggestions about health and nutrition. And, a recent addition to the team is Climb & Spin Teacher Trainee, Alice Dugan, who is chronicling her current experience of going through the Climb & Spin 30-hr 1-on-1 Teacher Training Intensive Workshop.
    Thanks again!
    Kira Lamb
    Co-Creator, Climb & Spin Inc

  10. Linda says:

    How long have you been practicing pole dance? Does it require any strength?I read one of the blog that you never did any exercise before u finally find pole dance as a workout.

    • Chwenny says:

      I’ve been practicing for about 2.5 years, and I only did light yoga before I started pole. Yes you’ll need strength for it but you’ll build it up along the way like we all do!

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  12. Clare says:

    Great post. It’s always great to find women who are talking about their pole antics so openly. Pole Purpose is another great blog that talks about the process of choreography. Useful for pole dancers who need more help with floor movement.

  13. Sarah says:

    Hey, This was just what I was looking for. I wonder if you could perhaps help me out or give some advice…I’m thinking of subscribing to an online pole dancing class, I heard it is great for fitness and fun too. Problem is, I don’t know much about it though I keep reading reviews about it but can’t make up my mind as to which course or lessons to go with. Or does it not matter and they are all kind of the same? I would like to get your personal opinion on this. I have read a review on which covers some recommended courses. Which one would you say is the best to start out with, I don’t have the type of budget to sign up to all of them and I am no expert. I would love to hear your reply and your recommendation. Kind regards.

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