Relaxing, my @ss!

Holy mother of butt muscles! Woke up this morning to some seriously aching glutes.

(on a positive note, the previously-injured hip flexor is very happily back to normal, and I intend to keep it that way… I’d rather deal with sore muscles than pulled ones any day!)

But back to those glutes.

In yesterday’s flex class, I learned that getting the splits is about strengthening the muscles as much as it is about stretching them.

Oh, and that our instructor takes the splits training very seriously. Like, “push against the pole, then raise one leg behind you as high as it will go and HOLD it up there” kind of seriously.


Today it feels like my booty muscles were out all night partying and snuck back in at 11am just before I opened my eyes. Definitely no yoga today… chair pose alone might kill me.

Well, I suppose it was naive of me to assume that flex class would be relaxing and chill. You know what happens to naive people when they walk into a flex class thinking it’ll be relaxing and chill? I do!

Their asses get a proper whoopin’, that’s what.


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