Hips don’t lie

My fabulous 90-yr old granny who finds my pole dancing impressive 🙂

It’s been 2 whole weeks since I pulled a hip flexor during class.

You know, that little connecting muscle at the front of your inner thigh where it meets your body? The one you use to lift your leg when climbing stairs or putting on your pants? The one (of many, many, many) that’s so easy to take for granted?

Yes. I found out the very hard way not to ever take it (or any other muscle in my body) for granted… elderly folk were overtaking me to the bus-stop! But I now hold a deep understanding for why old people like to lean on walls in-between their grocery shopping.

How did I manage to pull it so badly that I couldn’t even straighten it and had to limp around half doubled over, in the first place??

Well it was already strained the week before from my badly executed open Jamilla spins, and I swear, I’d been a very good girl about stretching it out and not further straining it. But all it takes is that one moment when you think ‘It’s been a week already, I think I’ll be fine if I try it now’ and *BAM!* sharp pain in places where it’s embarrassing to rub in public.

Incidentally, after I went to the highly-recommended-by-instructors, traditional Chinese physician for a therapy massage (guy really knew what he was doing!) the thought crossed my mind as I was paying him… that considering where he had applied the medical lotion on my bare *brazilian waxed and all* skin during the massage, maybe he should have paid me?!

Cos. You know. I’m just sayin’.

Lol, nah it was worth the awkward moment.

Luckily the human body is an amazing healing machine, and I’ve been rehabilitating the muscle by stretching it daily and going for yoga. I even managed to gently spin and invert on my pole at home, so I know I’ll be able to go for class again. Just a little paranoid is all…

Maybe I’ll permanent marker the words “Don’t Push It!!!” on top of both hands so I can see it at all times and won’t forget that it’s not fun to walk at the same pace as my granny.

Cos *sigh* It’s really not.

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4 Responses to Hips don’t lie

  1. Nielle says:

    Your granny is awesome!!!! i like her so much!

  2. Jeane says:

    And they say no pain no gain…haha. Complete lie. Pain is never fun and I hope you heal soon! I have a tendency to over ride my bike or run too much and my body gets super tight and when I do yoga I have to stretch SLOWLY to bring it back! Aww…to know what balance means!

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