Attack of the killer blister

The dreaded bubble rears its ugly head

It’s ironic, but a lot of the time the thing that prevents me from practicing as much as I’d like to isn’t sore muscles or injuries… it’s the extremely painful blisters that form on my hands!

What, just a silly little blister? Oh, yes!

You try pressing on one using your entire body weight and tell me how long you can hang on to a metal pole without screaming.

Bubble blisters are way more painful than their more developed counterpart, the hard callous. At least those are no longer raw and tender and have dried skin that can be peeled away.

The one I’m currently sporting on my right hand gives me chronic grief and is my indicator that I’ve spent too many hours on my pole. I’ve tried different ways of gripping the pole, using less strength, using more grip product, etc.. but it always re-appears in the same spot.

The messed up part is that if I don’t wait until the swelling of fluid has subsided and the little ‘bubble’ has dried up before I get on the pole again, it swells up to twice the original size, grows a face, and starts to shout threats and obscenities at me. Or at least that’s how it feels like when I’m spin-climbing…

When I got home last night after class, it was so tender that the bar of soap I was holding in the shower almost felt like a spear piercing into my flesh.

I just consider myself lucky that it hasn’t split open or anything. Judging by how much its been throbbing, I’m pretty sure a there’s a miniature bearded komodo dragon hiding in there somewhere just waiting to hatch out and kill me…



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6 Responses to Attack of the killer blister

  1. Nielle says:

    honey, u make blisters sound really cute….

  2. Amy~* says:

    hey Chwenny! sorry to hear about your skin woes… I don’t use brass, but I do find that the more grip aid I use, the more friction on my skin and the worse my blisters/calluses get. Have you tried using less grip?

    • Chwenny says:

      Brass is killer on hands! But still worth it πŸ˜‰ The grip actually helps dry up my skin and prevent wet blisters, but I think it’s the constant holding on spin mode that forms pressure spots. Don’t know how to get around that one yet. And I can’t even imagine the friction burn from using grip on static brass… ouch!

  3. Awww babe, i knw it muz be painful.. So far i din apply cream & let it self-heal..hope u apply oilment for yr delicate hands.. πŸ˜‰

    But alone e way, smehow these blisters are form of ‘achievements’ that hw far we cme thru learning pole & one step nearer to nailing that killer move. Haha imuz be crazy! πŸ˜›

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