A little too much, a little too soon

Left leg hang, aka Gemini

It’s been a tiring week, literally.

Since returning from Europe, I threw myself back into a schedule of pole, strip/lap, and yoga classes almost daily: inter 2 pole and studio practice on Monday, yoga core on Tuesday, inter slap on Wednesday, yoga again on Thursday, pole grooves on Friday, pole techniques on Saturday, and maybe some pole practice at home on Sunday. Phew!

I desperately wanted to shake off my post-vacation belly bloat, and felt far behind in all my pole classes. In a craze, I pushed so hard that I almost didn’t notice how tired I felt waking up every the morning and how I was practically passing out at night.

And ironically, doing so many different kinds of classes so frequently was leaving me with no time or energy to practice any of the routines outside of class time. And being so drained was also making it hard to do other things I enjoy like reading, updating this blog, or cleaning my house.

Things finally got to a point where I caught myself actually dragging my feet to go to class! Then it hit me: I’d swapped quality for quantity and was standing on the path towards to burnout.  

Good grief! How did I get to this point?

How did love and enthusiasm turn into reluctance?

The same way that mankind has always turned good things into bad I guess. By getting too attached, allowing our fears to dictate our actions, and forgetting to take it easy!

Hey, it’s just pole dancing right!

Fortunately, I remembered just in time that my self-image doesn’t have to hinge on how well I can do inverted leg hangs. …its way more based on how quickly I can climb. (Just kidding!!)

So the good news is that I learned a couple of new moves recently. I got the Gemini hang on first attempt, (much easier than it looks!) and I finally did a crossed leg layback and even managed to get back up from it. (much harder than it looks!)

And the bad news is… Wait a minute. What bad news? All that happened is that I worked out really hard, learned some new moves, and caught myself running myself into the ground in time to take a step back and remember to have fun again. So it’s all good.

I do plan to go a little easier on the weekly workout schedule this week though. And to stop hating on my poor tummy and show it some love instead!

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2 Responses to A little too much, a little too soon

  1. SLY says:

    Don’t I know the feeling. Last week I had two pole classes. Afro Caribbean dance. A lap dance class. A pure tease class. And yoga. By the time my burlesque class came, I just couldn’t even do it. I know I need to pace myself and enjoy every moment. Besides my throbbing calve muscles were a quick reminder to not push myself to the extreme. Pacing is good!

  2. Chwenny says:

    Whoa, that’s a lot of classes too! Afro Carribean sounds fun and so does Burlesque. Take care of those muscles though. Pacing is definitely good! 😉

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