Home, sweet home, and the not-so-sweet holiday hangover

It's such a relief to sleep in my own bed

Well technically it was for work that I went to Paris and Berlin for with the hubby. And it is work when we conduct a sneaker customizing workshop and attend events, but because we enjoy doing it and the people we work with are really more like lovely friends, work trips always feel a lot like vacations.

-End of slightly self-conscious disclaimer-

So, after spending more than 20 hours traveling from Berlin to Paris, to Amsterdam, and finally back to Singapore, we arrived safely back home on Saturday.

Both of us were so exhausted that we slept a crazy 15 hours and woke up at 3.30 pm the next day! So much for my grandiose plans of going straight for pole class at 12 noon and catching up on what I’d missed.

In my delusional ambitious state of home-sickness, I’d forgotten to factor in jet lag.

Luckily for me, Po.lita gave me a crash course in both our pole grooves and intermediate slap (strip & lap) dance choreography.

But the pole lifestyle is a harsh one: We wear tiny little outfits and learn strength-based dance moves in studios lined with floor-to-ceiling mirrors. Any discrepancy in strength or body conditioning is immediately apparent.

After 9 glorious days of being in Europe and consuming delightful French pastries with joyful abandon while not breaking a sweat, the results on my body are painfully obvious. Even Po.lita noticed the puffier mid section.

Potbelly aside, it’s also been taking a much bigger effort to lift myself into spins and inverts. My chopper (along with a good amount of upper body strength) is on a temporary hiatus, as I can’t seem to haul my heavy ass upwards fully anymore.

Also, jet lag apparently affects balance and coordination: While learning the inter-slap routine, I fell off my chair with such a loud clang that the receptionist came running in and later kindly asked if I was okay! Fortunately, it seems that all the butter I ate has formed a protective layer of cushioning around my derriere so I was perfectly unharmed.. though quite unnerved.

And so, the frantic rush to work off my post vacation blubber has begun. Good thing I signed up for the ‘unlimited lessons’ promo at the studio this term. It’ll be put to some very good use now! I’ve even managed to work some yoga and home pole practice in since getting back.

(Hubby’s been very good about giving me space and privacy to practice pole at home, which helps a lot. Cats on the other hand, just have no bloody boundaries.)

After seven days, the sluggishness seems to be starting to lift: I finally found enough motivation to blog through my inertia, slept at a decent hour last night, and I’m proud to report that I managed to stay safely on my chair during the last inter slap class. After counting 3 clangs during class, I realised that it’s fairly common to fall off your chair while learning the routine.


Now to get my chopper back..

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