End of term performances @ the studio

So it’s official.

Po.lita and I are pole addicts.

Initially I was going to say that my addiction is probably slightly less severe than hers because she’s starting instructor training, but since I’m the one with a pole in my living room I think we’re about equal right now.

This afternoon I felt about as bloated, sluggish, and attractive as a dead fish floating down a drain. Just my luck that the last day of performance week was the first day of my period. (sorry for the TMI! Lol)

The husband even asked how I was going to make it through the night in my zombie state but I knew that the minute I stepped into the pole studio, I would be fine.

And I was! It’s amazing what a little pole-time can do.

Anyway, I managed to get a couple of shots today. Pardon the strange layout. I meant to put up more shots too, but between my bad internet and connection at home and the temperamental Mac, I’m happy enough to just get these up at all!

It gets pretty packed in

Po.lita doing her smoking lapdance routine to 'Love Hurts'

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Body, soul, and pole!
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3 Responses to End of term performances @ the studio

  1. Po.lita says:

    it was a night of celebration! you were really good. smooth and sensual.. you are one FINE woman. LOVE!

  2. Po.lita says:

    pretty pink lights!

  3. Nielle says:

    hahahhahha! love it! so cute and hot and sexy!!!

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