Getting connected

Over the weekend I got to know Lancelot a little better.

We spent some much-needed quality time alone getting familiar with one another and I played a few songs for him so he’d know what kind of music I like.

I danced with him sometimes, for him at other times, and just wrapped myself around him the rest of the time… nothing too heavy though! No upside down stuff and barely any spins.

What I really wanted to do was to infuse my energy into the pole.

I’m a big believer that all physical objects pick up energy from people, be it good vibes or bad, and those energy vibrations affect our relationship with them and vice versa.

Just think of how comfortable and familiar you are with your mobile phone: It feels so intimately yours. But if you use a stranger’s phone, the same object becomes just another inanimate piece of technology that you have no connection with. And that connection makes a huge difference even though it’s an intangible one.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure Lancelot feels very welcome and loved. Considering that doing tricks on him is going to be more difficult due to his wider girth, (ahem..) he and I will need all the loving and supportive energy between us that I can muster before I start swearing at him in frustration practicing moves that I struggle with.

Another reason I wanted to intentionally transfer my energy to him is that we have friends over at the house quite a lot, and I know lots of my girlfriends will want to play with him (he’s quite the stud) but I want to always be his special lady. Quite like the relationship I have with my cat, really!

But so far, having a pole in the house is awesome. Even without doing pole tricks, I can practice the dance portions of my routines with accuracy. And I can listen to the same track on loop without hogging anyone else’s track-play time.

If not for the fact that I’m not used to the bigger hand grip required, I’d probably have exhausted myself out by now from practicing tricks.

And that would suck big time, because performance week at the studio started last night! I can’t believe another 2 month term just ended so quickly again. Seems like just yesterday Po.lita and I were gearing up for our first beginner performance.

Two of our friends (who have never been in a pole studio before) came by to watch, and they were treated to an hour of sensuality, athleticism, hair-tossing, hip-rolling, and very hot outfits. This term I dance to ‘Freak Me’, one of my favourite R&B numbers from the 90’s.

I forgot to take photos in all the excitement, but I’m performing again  on Friday so hopefully I’ll have some by then and maybe a nice video of the routine.

In the meantime, I just freaking love this song!

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3 Responses to Getting connected

  1. Nielle says:

    same way i feel about my board…just me and her against the world…yeah, she is a hottie and i am turning gay. hahahahah!

  2. sheenalashay says:

    This post is simply PHENOMENAL. I am so glad to have found your website too. Simply WOW! Please keep writing!

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