Soul sister, pole sister

Having a pole buddy is a wonderful thing. You have someone to practice with, buy stripper heels with, and have endless conversations with about your new shared hobby obsession.

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But what happens when your chosen pole buddy advances much faster than you?

You get your ass kicked by her enjoy great tips from her during practice, of course!

My pole buddy (we’ll call her po.lita) and I started on our pole adventure together late last year.

When I injured my wrist at the first studio, she was nice enough to stop classes too and wait until we could resume lessons again. After that 3 month break, we joined a new studio together.

By the end of our first term, it became obvious to me that she was destined for eventual pole stardom. By the end of our second term, she progressed to the next level while I decided to stay where I was and build up some much-needed strength and confidence.

Now, she’s practically the fittest girl in her class and the studio has agreed to start training her as an instructor once she moves up into the next level.

After some initial insecurities of feeling like the laggard child, now I really appreciate how po.lita has progressed at her astonishing rate. Practicing together has become really fun because I get to preview what’s to come in the next level, and she’s got such a sharp eye that she can spot when I’m not doing something properly and suggest really good adjustments that make all the difference in a move.

Here’s a video of a short spin sequence from our last practice. I didn’t take a video of what it looked like at first, but it looks infinitely better after she critiqued and got me to do it 8 times in a row with better and better form.

Po.lita, you’re gonna be a really fabulous instructor!! Now if you could only help me learn that damn chopper… 😉

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6 Responses to Soul sister, pole sister

  1. Tabitha says:


  2. Nielle says:

    HOT…i wanna be able to pole dance like that…..

  3. chwenny says:

    Thanks guys!! If you want to, just learn.. if I can do it, anyone can!

  4. Lori says:

    WOW! I think you look pretty damn amazing!!!!!!

  5. Wow is that a spinning pole!?!??!

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