The virgin video debut

Today I created a Youtube channel to track my pole progress. It feels nicely narcissistic!

Initially I really hated filming and watching videos of myself dancing. The first time my pole buddy suggested it I felt my blood run a little cold, and every time she’d point the iphone at me I’d freeze up, feel super awkward and get totally fumbly.

Watching the actual footage was even worse: I’d cringe all the way in half looking at it. For in my grand delusions, I was a graceful fairy moving with the ease of a sinewy little nymphet, but in reality…

Well reality can be a hurtful biyatch!!

*arms folded defensively!* (Insert indignant huff here)

But, like the many other things that I find loathsome (but necessary), I’ve since come to appreciate how useful videos are.  You can catch things you’d never normally spot from watching yourself in the mirror, look for what works and what doesn’t and really progress. It’s also makes it so much easier to remember a routine.

So in the interest of progress, the Misschwenny Youtube channel has just been born! Yes, its very empty and I’m still pretty crap, but at least it’s pink and happy!

Here’s the fun new bumslide dismount that my pole buddy taught me last night. I just learned it so please pardon the fumbling.. I still get a little nervous when there’s a camera watching. 😉

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7 Responses to The virgin video debut

  1. Nielle says:

    wooohoooo!! hot!

  2. tiger jilly says:

    Love it!! We need more vids just like this. Can’t wait to see an entire routine.

  3. tiger jilly says:

    By the way, videos are totally the way to go for progress. Personally I use them when I’m trying to improve yoga postures. You can never see yourself, but the camera catches everything. Once the embarrassment passes, you get to see where you can tweak your performance, right down to minute details. It’s super useful as you’ve found out… xoxo

  4. chwenny says:

    Thanks darlins! I’m still working on the “once the embarrassment passes” part! ;D

  5. Tabitha says:

    Look at you all muscly and sexy! Well, we already knew you were sexy but damn girl. You hot. I’d tip you.

  6. Wow thast cool!! I’ll have to try that! ~ I probably should start recording myself do tricks because the studio I used to go to is not holding classes anymore and I need to critique myself.

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