I actually wanted to do that..?

Recently while cleaning the house, I stumbled upon an old notebook that I kept back in 2005.

As I flipped through it, one page jumped out at me. It was a list, titled:

‘All the things I’m too scared to try’:

1) Yoga 

2) Kickboxing

3) Wakeboarding

4) Learning Japanese

5) Learning Sign-Language

6) Pole Dancing

It’s so strange to look at it now, six years later. But I’m happy to see that I’ve at least tried most of the list. Of course, the first thing that came to mind was, ‘Wow, I wanted to take up kick boxing?!’

I think I wrote out the list so that I’d be able to strike them off one by one, although I  eventually forgot to keep up with it. But hey, it’s never too late right? So here we go:

1) Yoga. I probably signed up for my first yoga class a few months after making this list, and its been the one item that I’ve done the most out of the six. Yay for accomplishing that!

2) Kickboxing. This one’s staying on the list for now! Its embarrassing to admit, but I’m still too scared of looking stupid to give it a go just yet. If you like, you can try and convince me otherwise.

3) Wake boarding. Tried it for the first and only time a couple of years ago and it was alright, but not my cup of tea. They say wasn’t too shabby that I managed to stand up and wake board for all of 5 seconds during my virgin trial, but I can’t justify the 2 hours spent falling down before that to go again. Or the sunburn.

4) Japanese. After a couple of friends bailed on going for language classes together, I bought a self study book and started learning on my own. But since my first trip to Tokyo, I’ve realized that it’s far more effective to speak English because even if I manage to ask a question in the language, I won’t be able to understand the answer.

5) Sign language. its something I always thought would be cool to know but realistically, I don’t see myself volunteering as a translator at the centre for the hearing impaired anytime soon.

6) Pole dancing. Well, who would have guessed?

If you’d asked me to guess back then which of the six items I’d actually be doing six years later, I’d probably have put my money on the yoga and Japanese.

At the time, the idea of me pole dancing seemed as unlikely as me kick boxing. Just goes to show that you never really know right? So who knows, I might even turn out to be a kick boxer somewhere in this lifetime after all!

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1 Response to I actually wanted to do that..?

  1. tiger jilly says:

    This post proves how you’ve taken on courage and fearlessness. GO GIRL!

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