These boots were made for…

My new workout shoes just arrived in the mail last night! Lol

They were on 30% Easter weekend discount from and only cost $75 including shipping! That’s less than Half of the Pedder Reds I’ve been eyeing. Though I daresay, these are way hotter!

And what’s a chick-blog without a little shoe-whoring?

Normally I always wear flat shoes cos I just don’t like the extra height and attention, but I’m so tempted to rock these outside of the studio! They’re actually really comfortable because ‘stripper heels’ have cushiony, extra-padded insoles and the bottoms of the soles are covered with rubber to prevent slipping as falling on your face just isn’t very hot. So I’m scared of wearing out the anti-slip power if I wear them out.

But chances are that once I wear them on the pole, their nice glossy finish will get scuffed and won’t look nice enough to wear outside of class anymore.. small dilemma there.

I know. Life is just so tough like that right! *grin*

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2 Responses to These boots were made for…

  1. Nielle says:

    Are these shoes only for pole dancing? if there is a specific type of killer heels for pole dancing that is comfy enuf to wear out, please recommend! i can never find comfy heels.

  2. chwenny says:

    You can look online for the brand Pleaser. Try looking at or under ‘high heeled sandals’. Both sites will ship internationally.

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