Out of the pole closet

So pole dancing huh?

Well yes. But I have to admit, it didn’t exactly come easy.

When I first started last year, telling people that I was taking pole dance lessons felt like ‘coming out’. I’d quickly point out that it was a great form of exercise and that it took a lot of strength to pull off even the most basic of moves. Which is true, but it was really just my own discomfort trying to shift the focus away from the inherently implied sexuality of pole dance.

The first pole studio that I learned at was a perfect fit for where I was at the time. It was an intimate little studio that focused on fitness and pole tricks. During my first lesson, there were ten girls and only 6 poles so we took turns rotating. Classes were conducted in bare feet and the students there wore sports cropped-tops and shorts. Each level was broken down into specific movements: spins, climbs, inversions, etc. You had to learn how to do all the tricks before putting them together into a trick-based routine at level 4. And all the lessons were taught on static mode, meaning the pole is stationary and doesn’t spin.

But two lessons into level 1, I strained my dominant wrist with improper technique. By the end of the course, the combination of neglect and overuse was rendering it painful every time I put my weight on it.

Which in pole dancing, is all the time.

I did notice that it hurt a lot less on the slimmer poles which were 45mm in diameter instead of 50mm, but I knew I had to rest it fully so I took a 3 month break.

During that time, my pole buddy had been introduced to the owners of another studio and insisted we try it so we signed up for a trial class.

When I got there, I was immediately culture-shocked: Not only was everyone wearing outrageously high plastic heels, some of them were actually in panties! And the trial class hadn’t even started yet!

The instructor was the polar opposite of our previous instructor: outspoken, personable and cracking dirty jokes, she wore crazy 6/3/4″ high red platform heels, warmed us up with booty-shaking, and taught us a mini routine that involved sashaying around the super-slim 38mm spinning pole.

I was totally confronted with how hoochie it all seemed, and with how much I liked it at the same time! The energy seemed much higher there, the girls looked like they were having more fun, the place was huge with each student getting her own pole without having to share, and I loved the pink lights and decor.

My husband was all for it. His actual words were “I think you should stop resisting the sexiness of it. You need to have more fun in your life so just go out, buy the nicest lingerie and heels and have fun!” (yes, I have an awesome husband.)

And so in January I signed up at Bobbis pole studio and it’s been fun, rewarding, challenging, frustrating, and altogether addictive.

So yea, pole dancing it is.

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5 Responses to Out of the pole closet

  1. Nielle says:

    weee….wish i can say the same about having an awesome husband 😛

  2. Nielle says:

    meaning i dont really need an awesome husband. hahahahah! thanks love!

  3. Lori says:

    Funny how we have to make excuses to make it okay. I realized I do the same thing. I’m uncomfortable in my own skin. Buy I’m trying to get better about that. 🙂

  4. Lori says:

    BUT not buy. Hehe. 🙂

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